So you know your representative

Quick, name me your Congressional Representative.

Ok, now your two senators.

What about your state representative and senator?

If you know the answer to those first two questions. Congrats you care more than most. If you know either of the last two I hope you have at least heard of me.

I’m Ken Tucker

I’m an Independent Candidate for public election in Indiana

Now what do you actually know about those people? Why are they in politics? Where do they come from? What did they promise? Do they have kids? What are their actual thoughts on the one or two issues you truly care about. How have they affected the legislation that effects us all?

Do they represent you?

Do they represent themselves?

What sets their moral compass?

Have you ever met them? Have you ever tried? If so, have you ever gotten a timely response that actually addresses your concern?

I have. Sadly, the majority of the time I feel like I’ve been blown off. Either those that represent me, don’t, won’t, or worse can’t. I think that’s unacceptable.




My platform

I promise, if I earn your vote I will always listen and represent all of my constituents to the best of my abilities. As your representative in Washington. If I earn your vote I will fight for equality, education, and the environment every day. As far as everything else, I would love to know what the voters in Indiana want their representative to focus on during my time in office.

Pretty sure We the people are still in charge.
Pretty sure.
Mildly sure.
Ok, I am concerned that money is taking over politics.
But, that’s a separate post.

Thanks as always for your time,

I value it more than money.

And is the only currency I currently posses.

Always a pleasure.


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