Love the Earth

Save the Earth

We’ve been saying save this my whole life. I know I have been doing all that I can to reduce, reuse, and of course recycle. I learned it from my grandfather. Everyone made fun of him as well. He was the first “recycler” in my family. Which, is a good thing. If someone in his early 50’s at that time could change some of his basic consumption habits then I truly believe we all can. Thanks to his example I have raised two little eco warriors of my very own.

I believe in science.

I believe we all could do a little more to help save our planet.

I believe in the climate crisis.

I believe that carbon emissions have a negative impact on our Mother Earth.

I believe the biggest reason for these harmful emissions to be industrial/commercial.

I believe most politicians are bought and financed by the fossil fuel industry.

I believe that to be one of the reasons Indiana is the most polluted state in our Nation.

Love the Earth

At this point in my life I think it’s time we all try and just love the earth.

Personally, I believe one of the most important way I can continue to love our Earth is by legislating for it.

First, I want to tax corporate pollution.

If you are a business that pollutes our air, our water, and/or our soil you should pay a pollution tax. Companies like BP, U.S. Steel Gary Works, NIPSCO, Gibson Power, American Electric, AES Corp, and any other company that profits from polluting our environment. These companies and more are state sponsored utility monopolies. Our state and local governments should also be able to regulate them and make them do what we want instead of vice versa.

I will not support any type of utility tax/fee increase on consumers. I would make it illegal for any utility company to pass these new tax/fines onto us the consumers.

Here is where any tax breaks/incentives should be going.

Next, I want to invest in renewable energy. Specifically residential and commercial wind and solar energy. I would also like to continue net metering in Indiana for perpetuity. The worlds growing energy needs should be provided by clean energies like wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, and biomass. I don’t support nuclear power.

I do not support irresponsible development or the deforestation of Boone and Hamilton Counties. I stand against the continued clear cutting of small to large forests for mixed use developments. I also stand against eminent domain laws used to low ball and bully citizens to make way for said irresponsible developments.

This is not what we asked for. Nor, is it what we were promised

I understand those already in office will give me push back. I expect the utility companies to brazenly support the other names on the ballot for Indiana’s 24th Statehouse District. However, I think it’s plain to see if you care at all for the environment.

If you care at all for the environment,

I’m the candidate for you.

Lets love our Earth.


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