500 Signatures

Thank you to the 502 kind souls that have answered their door, listened to a stranger in a public space, and have signed my petition to get my name on the ballot here in Indiana.

I knew this would not be easy. But, I never thought it would be this difficult. I’ve knocked on close to 2,000 doors.

Most who listen, sign.

Most are kind.

Good afternoon Officer

A few have been quite rude. Freedom of speech is a two way street. I’ve had the police stop me twice. I’ve received a handful of complaints in person. Three of those people signed. The other two most have been the ones that called the cops. All teachable moments for my daughters.

When you gonna ring it

The weather has played a role. I’ve lost a handful of entire days to the rain and snow. I’ve lost an hour here and there because of both. In this data driven world I’m averaging about ten signatures for every hour and a half I spend knocking on doors and ringing doorbells.

This is far from over

As my school year ends tomorrow, and with a little over a month remaining to collect another five hundred signatures, I’ll be all over the district morning, noon, and later afternoon in pursuit of this political aspiration of mine.

For those that have expressed interest in helping please join me and my band Saturday, June 11th at noon for an education march, teacher rally, and petition drive all wrapped into one event that I hope will go along way in securing my ballot access.

Please don’t rain,

Please don’t rain,

Thank you as always for your time,


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