200 signatures

Thank you to the first two hundred and four friends and neighbors both old and new of this little experiment of mine to change Indiana.

Here are the facts:

204 people have signed my petition.

I’ve knocked almost 700 doors.


28 of the 38 homes in my neighborhood have signed. It was a strong start. Five of those remaining homes are for sure twelve more signatures. The other five I’ll keep you posted.

Outside of my neighborhood 1 in 5 of you open the door.

Those that I have spoken with are genuinely kind hearted. Which really makes this whole Indiana supermajority thing an even bigger mystery to me.

The act of going door to door is both empowering and exhausting. I think it should be required from all our public officials. Governor, Senator, Reps, Mayors, councilpersons, etc. That would clear up some of the miscommunication during my lifetime in the Hoosier state.

It’s been enlightening,

and exhausting.

Windy and fun with my crew

Team Tucker has been out in full force for almost three weeks. During that time we’ve experienced all four seasons. A truly Indiana thing.

I ain’t him,

I was greeted by two separate handguns. Thankfully neither Stella or Geri with me. After a quick chat about guns they both signed. Two other signatories noticed me as the sign guy from 2020. Another saw my post on Nextdoor and was super excited I knocked. A few have even offered to help.

Tell your neighbors,

Share my info with your friends,

Come to the shows,

I hope I didn’t wake anyone. I know I infuriated many dogs of all shapes and temperaments. I disturbed a few cats basking on sills while others slept through my interruption.

Most that have opened the door have signed. One signature was halted halfway because of all things my views on public education.

My longest conversations have been about music and sports.

I thought you were a Libertarian?

The most contentious conversation, the environment.

I missed another signature over international child labor laws.

However, we were speaking through a pane of glass inside a long cavernous entry. As well as observing more than enough social distance, to make Dr. Fauci more than happy, that even I only heard half of what was being said.

Unless, they really do believe an Independent candidate couldn’t do less then our current statehouse representatives on that subject.

Three worked for the state and claimed to be unable to sign out of fear of losing their job. I’m not sure if that is true. But knowing Indiana the way I do,

If it sounds dumb

Then, it’s probably happening in Indiana.

A few others did not want to give their date of birth. Irregardless of having a smart phone with apps. Most disapprove of golf carts. All agree between Carey Road and Union they are unmistakably dangerous even in the best of scenarios.

As far as future focus I’m getting the bands all lined up for the shows. Waiting to hear back on permits. There’s a possibility of a pod cast of some sorts, new signage in progress, workin on the documentary, and of course the endless knocking.

So, there you go.

If I can keep up this schedule I should be able to reach 1,000 signatures by June 31st. Which is empowering in one way but heartbreaking in another. Because very few people have the time to actually just knock on someones door and hope for the best over, and over, and over again.

Lookin for a chance.

Tell your friends,


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