Knock, Knock

What happens when someone knocks on your door?

Knock, Knock

The unexpected sound can draw many emotions.

Who’s there?



Annoyance. :$

My heart always skips a beat if someone gets to our door without me knowin.

Ding, Dong

As an adult, I get a visual and quickly assess the situation. Then, I proceed with caution. I enjoy meeting people. However, I have never bought anything from any door to door salesperson.

Movement detected, front door

Growing up we had different approaches. Sometimes I would be instructed to not answer, to remain quiet, and stay out of sight in fear of bill collectors.

Just a minute

More often than not, and even more so as of late by the time I get to an unknown knock it has been Ryan or Kris and they are dashing back to their trucks and back to their route. A sense of relief quickly washes over me because it’s not an emergency. Since Covid our Amazon, FED EX, and even a random DHL truck from time to time have been added to that list.

Believe it or not I do not have a picture of my sign. However, next time you come by you can totally see the tape outline.

When Stella and Geri were first born it seemed like someone always showed up. Especially when they were sleeping. So much that I wrote a nice note explaining the situation, my dogs, and instructed packages to be left without a ring or knock, and gave my phone number in hopes to be texted in case of an emergency.

There is someone at the door

After knocking I wait patiently, with a welcoming smile, a few questions, and a simple request to sign my petition.

Can I help you?

As my door knocking season is in full swing I make a few promises to my neighbors in Westfield, Sheridan, Carmel, and rural eastern Boone County.

Howdy neighbor,

First, I come in peace. I do my best to avoid interrupting dinner. I apologize in advance for any anxiety created, dogs sent into a frenzy, or young children I might inadvertently awaken. I’ll never knock in the dark. Yes, I have to do get wet ink signatures. So, yes I do have to do it this way. Finally, I am interested in hearing your thoughts on the issues as well.

Doesn’t apply to politicians/political parties

A neighbor of mine who would rather not be bothered told me about this relatively new Indiana purple paint/pole law. Upon reading a few articles it seems kinda silly. However, for those homes showing any purple paint, have a gate, or a regular old no trespassing sign I’ll head to the next house.

If your not home, I’ll leave a card in your mailbox. Which I know is technically illegal. But, if I have to break a law let it be that one.

That being said, as spring has sprung I hope to see more people already outside and we can avoid the knocking all together.


Would you like to sign my petition?


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