I don’t have enough time to get another degree.

I know I don’t have the drive.

Which will have to be fine.

I believe degrees and post-nomial letters are overreated.

Post secondary education for most is probably not worth the additional cost.

However, I think letters behind your name spark intrigue.

Understanding that, I would like to formally announce to all my friends and family that I will be tagging myself in some print and professional settings as:

Ken Tucker LFA

L.F.A. a series of post-nominal letters that stand for Local Fucking Asshole. I think at this point in my life (42 years on the dot) I deserve it.

I have always stood up.

I have always helped those less fortunate.

When I see injustice I try to correct it.

My mom used to pick up hitch hikers. My grandfather would more often than not stop and assist people on the side of the road when experiencing car issues. Sometimes he was even able to fix, or what he commonly refereed to as, jerry riggin, a persons car back to a functional state.

More often than not when I have seen someone being taken advantage of I would try and stand with them. It started in my neighborhood as a child. It continues on the playgrounds, hallways, bathrooms, and classrooms at school. It has continued throughout my adult life.

During my life I have marched, protested, written letters and typed emails to my elected representatives and local newspapers. I have attended meetings of all types at all levels of our government from Indianapolis to Cedar Lake, Westfield to Crown Point, Noblesville to Muncie, West Lafayette to Carmel. Back and forth round and round on this merry go round, hamster wheel, and clown car that are our advisory plan commissions, town and city council meetings. I’ve meet with my state reps and senators. As well as my federal reps in Congress. But, I can’t get closer than a team member for any sitting or former senator or vice president from my state. Not to mention any of our governors. I’m bound and determined to not let all these hours, days, weeks, months, and years of pursuing my dream for my state go by the waste side. My fight continues.

Indiana still…


under educates,

and withholds unalienable rights from it’s citizens

Indiana still pollutes our air, our lakes, our rivers, creeks, and streams.

Indiana still under values education, it’s educators, students, and anyone not generating any real profit for it and I think that is wrong.

Indiana is still unequal in so many ways: marriage, wage, health, care, access, etc.

But, I promise for as long as I’m alive I will use what platforms and time I have to be a voice for the state I wish I lived in and the future I have always wished for. But more importantly a voice for the Indiana I think my daughters deserve.

Equality for all.




That’s part of my Indiana.

Ken Tucker LFA

Although, I really consider myself a consciousness objector.

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