IPS 18

I’ve got an idea.

I want to open a school.

It’s called,

IPS 18

The plan is to revolutionize public education here in Indiana.

Indianapolis Public School 18.

IPS 18

It would be open to any kid within the IPS school district.

IPS 18

At it’s grandest it would be an actual school corporation located in multiple buildings throughout the city of Indianapolis, the state, and possibly simulcasted on PBS. However, to begin, I think the old, abandoned Broad Ripple High School would be a perfect fit. Nestled alongside the also underutilized White River, strategically placed near the Red Line to allow public access to anyone within the city of Indianapolis and the horseshoe counties of my adopted Circle City.

IPS 18

I want it to be a public school. I think from a logistic stand point it would be easier to partner with IPS as a magnet school. I’m still waiting on a response from IPS and all local Universities. If that continues I guess I’d have to go the charter or regional agricultural science and technology center route.

IPS 18

Who would I try to attract? Any student unhappy with their current school that has an interest in starting something new and has a proclivity towards the arts and/or athletics.

IPS 18

Ideally this school would be a partnership between me and many within the city of Indianapolis, and the state of Indiana. While I’m dreaming how about the Peyback Foundation, Indy Go, the Hamilton County Express, local artists, business, trades, and neighborhoods.

IPS 18

This school would be a safe place for the kids. Open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. 185 days a year. It would offer an education, the arts, athletics, and even more importantly an opportunity for all within its walls. First and foremost it would be an opportunity for the students and teachers to be a new model of public education in Indiana. Next it would be a co op of sorts between the administration, the faculty, the families, other affiliates, and the neighborhoods to develop a new type of approach to public education.

IPS 18

Not that the above isn’t different enough but I’d also like IPS 18 to get into the teacher preparation business. Seems like a natural partnerships with local universities. This public school would be open to anyone who would like to transition into education in as little as 9 months. Tuition free. Even if you don’t have a degree I know you could be an asset for our school. The time frame might be longer but I believe for those that want a career in education it is attainable.

IPS 18

It’s would kinda feel like a public school, a Boys and Girls Club, and artistic incubator all wrapped into one.

Indiana is kinda part of the Wild West in terms of public and private schooling. Not to make this political, but I would like to utilize the very gray area of student vouchers, as well as, teacher licensure for public good not for private gains.

In a macro sense, that’s the pitch.

I know there is a lot that goes into it. Some I know. Some I don’t. If your interested or know something about opening up a school here in Indiana I’d love to have a chat.


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