The Best Should Play

Justin Fields is the best option for the Chicago Bears at quarterback. I disagree with any person that believes Andy Dalton gives the Chicago Bears a better opportunity to win games beginning this Sunday in Los Angeles.

The NFL is not your local youth football league.

The best should play,

Anyone interested in playing football should get an opportunity to play in middle school. High school football is different than middle school, not everyone should play. College football is different than high school, everyone has played and they are usually big and fast. The NFL is a professional sports league. These players are the biggest, fastest, and in terms of those that play on any given Sunday generally have a pretty high level of football acumen.

If I had my way the depth chart hanging in the quarterback room in Halas Hall would read:

  1. Justin Fields
  2. Nick Foles
  3. Andy Dalton

Is it ideal to start a rookie quarterback Week 1? No.

Ideally all rookie quarterbacks would able to sit back, learn, and mature until they are ready to step under center and lead an NFL franchise. That sadly has rarely been the case in Chicago. This year, like most, Da Bears have little offensive direction, a sub par offensive line, and truly no offensive identity. It’s pretty offensive really.

The best should play

If Justin Fields were in a better quarterback room I would love for him to be able to have a gap year. A year to sit back and learn under the ropes of the NFL. In a perfect world their would be a veteran familiar with the offense, the staff, and the city to help guide your young quarterback. That is not the case in Chicago.

The deck is stacked against Justin Fields in Chicago. An NFL franchise that for the majority of my life has more closely resembled the expansion franchises of the AFC South rather than a charter NFL franchise. I challenge anyone to name an NFL franchise that has been worse over the last thirty years not named: The Cleveland Browns, The Jacksonville Jaguars, The New York Jets, or The Houston Texans.

The best should play

This is not the first time a rookie quarterback is the best at his position on an NFL rooster. It’s just the first time it has ever happened in Chicago. Not coincidentally the Chicago Bears are handling it like, well, the Chicago Bears. Head Coach Matt Nagy has been adamant all off season that free agent Andy Dalton will be the starter week 1.

Granted I’ve only watched about 18 minutes of film this preseason. A record low for me. But when your head coach, general manager, and front office have been as consistently offensively incompetent as the Chicago Bears during your life you lose hope, and just stop investing in them. It is offensive to me that the so called experts in Halas Hall can be so consistently wrong on evaluating offensive football talent. However, being a B1G football fan I’ve seen quite a bit of Justin Fields those 18 minutes were all I need.

This off season has only strengthened that belief. Matt Nagy has no idea what type of offense he wants to run. Even worse, after four years I’m not sure he knows how to call an offense based on who is on the roster. His trick plays are always entertaining but that can’t be a cornerstone of a successful offense. This off season has also strengthened my belief that Ryan Pace has absolutely no idea what type of quarterback his head coach needs. It’s a perfect storm of aloofness.

Even before drafting Justin Fields why would you sign Andy Dalton? Can anyone explain to me how Andy Dalton was going to help the Bears be a more dynamic offense? Moving forward how is Andy Dalton going to help Justin Fields? They play the same position, but they do not play the same way. Nor do I believe for any reason they see the game the same way. Will Coach Nagy have two different offenses? One suited towards Andy Dalton and another suited towards the other two quarterbacks on the roster?

Speaking of the third quarterback on the roster. I feel Nick Foles is more of a natural mentor for the rookie Fields. Foles has successfully run an RPO (Run, Pass, Option) offense as quarterback. His career being reborn when he learned the offense and helped orchestrate the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl run a few years back. A team running an offense similar to what I think Matt Nagy wishes he could run here in Chicago. But, the Bears leadership believe Andy Dalton gives them there best chance this Sunday. It’s silly and another in a series of mind boggling decisions during the Chicago Bears decades long struggle with offensive ineptness.

This season the NFL has subtracted a meaningless preseason game and increased the regular season by one. Seventeen times over the next eighteen weeks the NFL will line up to figure out who gets a chance at the playoffs. I’m not sure if that is a win for the players or not. However, I know the fans and owners will love another Sunday ruling the airwaves and the revenue windfall.

The best should play

I’m rooting for you

I’m rooting as always for the Bears. Sadly, whoever the quarterback is this year in Chicago I wish you had a better offensive line but that’s an entirely different conversation about scouting and player development. Seems like another year leaning on our defense, special teams, and trying to trick em and dick em on offense.

Not that anyone asked, take the top off the defense with Mooney. Run the ball with Montgomery. Target Allen Robinson a lot. Utilize Kmet’s athleticism. Attack the edges with Mooney. Put #1 in and move the pocket.

Bear Down.



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