Another in a series of good choices

I know why I’m trying to live this public life through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I’m trying to make a difference in our world through my very own actions. For the purpose of today and for those of who do read this journal of mine. I’m also trying to do that through my words. Be they written, typed, and/or spoken.

Those that truly know me, know that I am a pretty private person.

I dislike attention. A wall flower.

Meticulous. Pragmatic.

What brings me here today is to state that Missy, Stella, and I have opted out of the rest of Stella’s first year in public school.

It wasn’t the easy decision. But, it is the right decision for us. Now granted the sole degree I have is in education so the teaching part is a breeze. It’s the dad part that’s a challenge. However, any nerves I had about it as a father were quickly subsided when we asked Stella, “if she would like to jump back into Mr. Tucker’s Early Education Center?” she leapt our of her chair shouting, Yes!

After another day full of reading, writing, and general math. I feel like the world in a certain sense can still be our children’s oyster. We just have to be willing to protect and preserve a child’s childhood. Or at least start there.

As I sit her and listen to them play outside. As I revel in the time I am affording my daughters to strengthen their bond. As I try and soak in as many of these moments at home with my family I swell with pride at what we are creating. I’m as intrigued as anyone as to what happens next.

As for this moment it’s off to continue our Leaf Family.


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  1. […] Each day over the last twenty six months I taught to the whole student and to the entirety of a classroom. Independently, in small groups, and whole group. It started with my daughters. Then, I started something new. It quickly expanded. […]


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