Talkin more about less and less

In this super high speed digital 5G world of our it seems like we are all, always, being inundated with more and more stuff.






Trust me no one values the personal connection more than me. I enjoy nothing more than a good conversation, picture, or a story. But I can’t help but feel that as a nation we are more divided and isolated now then at any other point in my lifetime. This feeling predates the pandemic and is exacerbated by our digital world.

talking more about less and less

Despite some pretty big issues it seems to me that the entire world is talkin more about less and less.

I think it’s because we can’t hear each other. To hear is to feel. To feel is to empathize. To empathize is to understand. But in order to hear you have to listen and that isn’t something we have ever done well as a nation on a political and societal level.

At this point I fear it has more to do with the fact that we refuse to listen. 244 years is a short time in the history of the world. 9 generations or more for some families. My daughters are the 4th generation for mine. I think. That’s a long story : ^ )

244 years and we are still working towards the basic founding principal of our nation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of what makes us happy.

How can that be?

It sad but true.

My wish for all of US is to be free to be ourselves,


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