Not soccer.

No offense to the beautiful game.

American Football to be clear has been a big part of my life.

First off, it got me into college.

As a former public educator in Indiana that degree has made me no real money in life. But, it has saved my back over the last 15 years or so. Football set me on a path to earn a teaching degree.

Football has opened up a lot of doors for me during my life. My current life, my former profession, and all options I have before me now all happened because of football. I have utilized it to climb up many different cultural, societal, and socioeconomic ladders during my 41 years on this planet. It has always been a foot in the door.

I’m hoping for one more.

I want to use my knowledge of the sport to earn a masters degree.

Now that I’m thinking about it I guess I could also try to be a TA.

A degree that will at the very least put me back in the classroom faster. For it is there that those that truly know me know is where I aught be.

Two more steps to reach all my professional dreams and hopefully win a championship.

If you know anyone that might be looking for a graduate assistant please let them know that I am looking for an opportunity to work for another degree. If it’s not close to Westfield I may need housing but Missy and I will take care the utilities, insurance, food, and of course our daughters.

I know what my grandfather, and Al Swearengen would say,

Announcing your plans,

is a good way to hear god laugh

But just like all my other adventures,

I’m going to give it all I got.

I just need a chance.

If you were hoping to read about football I apologize. But I’m sure you know my pangs all to well.

If you happen to know anyone in academia looking for a GA or a TA I would appreciate you sending them my info.


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