Negligence, Incompetence, suppression, and oppression

As I finish up this sociopoliticalanthrotech experiment of mine I’d like to make some initial scientific findings.

First and foremost polls are highly inaccurate, not inclusive, and should be viewed with extreme skepticism.

When talking my politics I have never used hyperbole.

All the following is true,

Most of it happened

The major news outlets in Central Indiana are incompetent at best, negligent if I’m being polite, suppressive for sure, and oppressive to any third party candidate seeking public office. Trust me I’ve lived through it.

After finishing up my 18 month campaign for Indiana 5th Congressional District to the US House of Representatives I am here to speak truthfully. I have no faith in our major media outlets to actually inform the general electorate.

Here’s my case

5 of 24

Only 5 of the 24 stories I am aware of from the Indianapolis Star, The Herald Bulletin, and The Marion Chronicle that were about this particular race even included me in the article. All however did give me a one time candidate profile for which I was equal parts shocked and grateful considering the above statistic.

6 out of 754

Only 6 out of 754 social media posts from the above news paper and/or their reporters reporting on this race included me in the report.


One TV news outlet never even bothered to speak with me about my campaign, mention me in their newscast at any point during this election cycle as it pertains to Indiana’s 5th Congressional District.

2 of 129

Only 2 out of 129 local radio stations even spoke with me during my campaign.

0 of 3

Neither of the other candidates on the ballot, or our current Congressional Representative ever acknowledge my existence as a human being, let alone a current or prospective constituent, considered me as an equal, or treated me with the least bit of respect while inquiring about or pursuing Indiana’s open 5th Congressional Seat to the 117th meeting of the United States House of Representatives.


100’s of emails, phone calls, tweets, direct messages not returned from all the above.


1,000’s of voters when I spoke with them told me they had never heard of me. When asked where they got their information from they cited most all of our major television, radio, and print news outlets. If I were to extrapolate those numbers I would say,

Upwards of 250,000

Upwards of 250,000 voters that cast a vote in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District over the last few weeks were not as educated about their candidates as they should have been. Therefore, I have now truly lost all faith in our main stream media.

As a child I did many childish things like believing in our political system and journalistic integrity. As an adult I questioned these things. Now having participated in an election as a candidate it’s time for all of US to rethink everything.

During my entire lifetime I have rarely believe the things our current Apprentice in Chief has ever said because, well he’s Donald Trump. I’ve never trusted him or though I was like him in anyway whatsoever. He is of the alternative fact, fuzzy math, and hyperbolic variety.

However, one topic he has never joked about was this concept of Fake News. I didn’t want to believe him. I didn’t want to believe that any of our news agencies would use the news as a weapon against the people to hinder social progress.

Yet, those are the facts.

The two questions I have for all of you is,

Why and How?

Why is this relationship between media, politics, and democracy ok and how did it happen?

Askin for my friends and my daughters,


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