There’s still time, November 1st

Thank you to anyone who has read any of these.

Especially you my love.

The election is two days away and I feel like there are,

A million things I haven’t done

I’ve begun the final act of my campaign. Rolling up to almost all the early voting polling locations in the district and giving a short Tucker Bus speech. I find a spot(s). Slide my ladder and signs out the window. Place the signs on the roof set up ladder. My favorite part is peeking my head through the window and asking Stella and Geri if they believe in me. Then, I climb up to face the crowd.

Truth be told I have enjoyed all of them. During this campaign I have not shied away from any conversation, crowd, or debate. During a pandemic the crowds have been almost impossible to find and/or assemble. I’ve been kept off almost all debate stages. But this week has been gratifying. To finally have an audience is all I could hope for. Each speech I have given has been a bit different. Each crowd is different. First, I think somehow sneak up on people. Some are frightened. Some are curious. More cheers then jeers but a few leers. One time someone misunderstood my message about not asking for or accepting any kind of financial contributions as me not needing money.

If you don’t need it,

I’ll take some of yours!

We all need money!

Was the quote

I tried explaining my situation. They didn’t want to listen. You can’t have a rational conversation with an irrational person. Only one time this week I got no reaction. Maybe it was the rain and the umbrellas but as I climbed down off the van I felt like a fool. That is until Stella and Geri told me what a great job I did. This week, much like my campaign in general has been positive. But a few moments of anguish mixed with rage when voters exiting the polls approached me after I climbed off the latter and they wished they would have known about me before the voted. Equal parts anguish, rage, and pride in what I am doing.

Even before COVID this was the path I choose because I believe We the People need new people in office to truly be the change we wish to see in our politics.

The soul of the nation,

shouldn’t be bought

I wish I didn’t feel this way but I do.

I believe that we have sold ourselves down the river as a nation for creature comforts at a very low price.

Our votes shouldn’t be bought,

with the pocket change of the rich

I wish I didn’t feel this way but I do.

Irregardless of the $15 to $43 dollar donors to any campaign or candidate the real money, influence, and power come from those actually paying for the commercials by the PAC’s and Party of those already calling the shots.

We all have two days,

to figure out what we really want

Congress, Governor, President.

The people of Indiana, it’s fifth Congressional District, and America all have a third option. That simple truth is part of what I hope my political legacy will become.

Sleep has been hard to come by these last few weeks. Especially these last few days. This campaign has been everything I expected and more. The wind has grounded me today but there are still,

A million dreams are keeping me awake

Be bold,


I need a miracle


  1. I voted for you Ken Tucker
    We should have done a MUCH BETTER job of spreading the word about you being on the ballot to everyone we knew. We are sorry that we didnt do our part to get you elected which would help us all.


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