Stop, Think, and Choose, October 25th

Leave it up to Fred Rogers and Daniel Tiger to bring everything into complete clarity for me.



Come quick!

My daughters were screaming frantically

As I entered The Den the girls were besides themselves in disbelief that Daniel Tiger, O the Owl, Miss. Elaina, Prince Wednesday, and Katerina Kitty Cat were about to hold there very own election.



and Choose

The girls and I have seen this episode before. I remember sitting on the edge of our seats during our initial viewing while the returns came in on these two major votes over the course of 24 minutes. First, would it be a new slide or swings for the playground? Then, a decision about a classroom pet, would it be a bunny or a turtle? I don’t remember the outcome but I do remember the lesson. First, the majority wins. Second, sometimes you lose and you have to find a silver lining in it somehow. The girls were excited because we haven’t seen this episode since the main topic of conversation in our household has become this crazy idea of mine to earn enough votes and get elected to the 117th United States Congress.



and Choose

That’s all I have ever asked from anyone that votes for as long as I can remember. Do your own research on candidates and fact checking. Never allowing any candidate, party, or PAC (Political Action Committee) to steal your vote.



and Choose

As Team Tucker has continued our campaign and canvasing of the district the girls and have seen the lines wrapped around early voting sites. We have wondered how many of these people know that I am an option on their ballot? If you did your homework online via any credible site you would have at least seen me listed along with the other two candidates. So that is a good thing.

If you are basing your decision on what you have seen or heard during the majority of our local news coverage you may not even be aware that I am running for office. In fact, there are still two major news outlets that still refuse to even mention me in there coverage of this race. Those two being 93 WIBC and 23.1, 8.1 WISH TV. I think that is unacceptable and a detriment to our democratic process. Thank you to WTHR and WFYI for sitting and talking with me this week. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that hearing myself on NPR this week was a thrill.

I knew going into this as a third party candidate not asking for or accepting any type of money I would not be able to liter the highways, air waves, internet, main street, our yards, and the sky with posters. So, I had to go everywhere, meet everyone, and out work the other two candidates. Which I have. The majority still wins in our local elections. I have done everything within my abilities to get my name out there. In a little over a week I’m as intrigued as anyone to see the results in this race.

I’ve learned a lot about myself as a person, father, husband, and candidate while pursuing your vote.

One political truth has been made crystal clear to me as well, and that is how difficult life is as a third party candidate. I honestly did not think that I would be so easily dismissed and avoided by the Republican and Democrat nominees and their party. I didn’t realize it would be so difficult to get any and all news organizations to take me seriously. I have read so many stories in print and online that don’t even mention me as a candidate. I have seen so many interviews on TV that don’t even mention me as candidate.

I have been avoided like a leper and kept off debate stages by the other candidates, both major parties, non profits, for profits, and other organizations that promote civic engagement in hopes to inform and empower those casting votes. Seems hypocritical and a big part of the problem of our political world.

But, this is what we have created. I guess the question now is when and how do we break away from this two party system. Maybe it’s really a question of if we care enough to give ourselves a chance to be free.

As far as neighborhood voting, I’m happy to report that Snowball the bunny is the new classroom pet, and there are a new set of swings on the playground for all the neighborhood to enjoy. Daniel was not happy with either of the outcomes but he has come around to democracy. Have you?

As far as Indiana’s 5th Congressional District we still have time to,

Stop, think, and choose


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