Take a chance on me

We are less than two weeks away from the 2020 election. All the races are still to be determined. I’m asking the voters Indiana’s 5th Congressional District to take a chance on me.

If you live in the 5th district you have seen the signs. If you live in and around the district you have seen the commercials on TV and over the radio waves. If you live in and around the district and your on social media they are even trying to buy your vote there as well. But, how much do you know about either of the other candidates? If you don’t like what you have seen, heard, read, or experienced with either of the major party candidates I’d like to ask you to take a chance on me.

There has always been a time and a place for ABBA

If you change your mind,

I’m the first in line,

I’m not hiding from you. I am you. I’ve been in front of you trying to talk over the last year to best represent you. What about the other two? Do you know them? Are they accessible? Do you think that will change if you vote for them?

Honey, I’m still free

I’ve not asked for or accepted any money as a matter of principle. In fact, I’ve actually handed back fist fulls of money because I don’t want to buy this election. I want to earn it. To get money out of politics you can’t accept it. Lets try something different for a change.

Gonna do my very best,

And it ain’t no lie,

Each and every day while at work for you I will make my decisions in the best interest of every day Hoosier’s and their families. Each and every day I will speak with the other 434 members of Congress about equality, education, and the environment.

If you put me to the test,

If you let me try,

Give me two years to be the change most of us want from our politicians. Let me be an honest, open, and free voice of the people and lets see what happens.

Gotta put me to the test,

Take a chance on me,


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