This one is on the house, October 4th

This week has been a roller coaster filled with highs, lows, and some unforeseen twist and turns.

Get away

How many politicians do you think have refused, handed back, or otherwise avoided accepting financial donations of any size? The objection and refusal of money is one of the cornerstone to my political revolution. It’s revealing and a revelation to know my message is still unclear and largely unknown by the voters in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District. How? I have no idea

No thanks,

This one is on the house.


Ken Tucker

Handing back paper currency from complete strangers in Jonesboro and Westfield made me feel great. Denying individuals virtually trying to send me money is astounding. Seeing all of the republican candidates signs all over the district makes me wonder how much of her over 2 million dollars have been spent on 4X6 foot yard signs. Simultaneously, it makes me wonder who owns the land that those signs are on when they are undeveloped? Also, I wonder if I should or could park the Element in front of those strategically placed signs during rush hour and not be ticketed?

Strangely, my refusal to accept donations is always met with bewilderment. But, I believe money only corrupts political ambitions of an individual. I’ve never been for sale and I never will be.

The most disheartening part of this week came at 7:08 am Tuesday morning when I checked my email and realized I had missed the Hamilton County League of Women Voters Candidate Forum with this simple line:

Ken, will you be joining us this evening?

7:13 P.M. Monday September 28th

I had it on my calendar for the 29th. Totally my fault.

Saturday however my interview with the Marion Chronicle Tribune was published, I got a mention in an article on WTHR that focused on the political attack ads for this race, and I got a chance to speak with some other candidates from across the state, even Congressman Carson, during the Count Us In Candidate Forum.

The website has continued to see an uptick of activity over the last week. I had my 2nd and 3rd days of over one thousand views. Hopefully, they are in district either way the only thing I ask from them is to talk to their friends, family, and neighbors about my campaign.

The First Presidential Debate was an absolute joke. If only Donald Trump and Joe Biden were as likeable as Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. But they are not. I think it’s because the conversations they are supposed to be having are more important than fishing spots, Catfish Hunter, and geriatric dating that makes the events of Tuesday even more upsetting. I guess that would make Jo Jorgenson either Sofia Loren or Ann Margaret. Either way it seems like she is the only grown up in the Presidential Race.

If that wasn’t enough excitement to begin this week by the end of the work week President Trump had been admitted to Walter Reed Hospital because of a positive Covid test result. There is a lot of irony in that but I hate to see anyone contract this disease. Especially the President considering the next man up is my worst political nightmare.

I keep driving. I keep talking. I just keep on keeping on until November 3rd. Corporations, PAC’s, and Party’s are not people. Money is not speech. Won’t you join me?


It’s a crime

In politics anyway


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