Are you gonna go my way? Oct. 11th

Now that mail in ballots are officially being accepted, I just got to know?

I have come to save the day

People say they want politicians out of politics. People say that want money out of politics. People say at the very least they want different people in politics. People say they want another option in politics. At the very least I’m here for those people.

And I won’t stop until I’m done

23 days away from the election and I still have time. We still have time. I’ve done all I can to put myself in front of all of the voters of the 5th District. I’ve made myself readily accessible and available to the voters of the 5th District. The overwhelming majority of people I have spoken with in the 5th District support me for a variety of reasons. I keep punching up. I keep trying to converse with those already in positions of political power to no avail. That should worry all voters.

We must engage and rearrange

If we truly want more from our political representatives we must engage in hopes to rearrange our present and our future. Or just expect more of the same. I’ve been engaging with anyone, and everyone in hopes to be the voice of the people. Those that are already involved in political circles ignore me and the vast majority of voters. That should worry all voters.

I am (not) the chosen one

I’m just a ordinary person trying to do some extraordinary. I have thrown myself against the political machine that we have allowed to be created. A machine that gives US the allusion of choice. A machine that appoints representatives rather than elects. We should be electing people we believe in not just the lesser of two evils.

I promise to be the voice of real change and hope.

I just got to know


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