You might be shocked to learn

A little over a week into the opening of the MLB season I thought I’d step back into the sports writer frame of mind and look at the reopening of sports during the pandemic. In short,

I think it’s a bad idea

Personally, I think it’s a horrible decision for professional, collegiate, high schools, and youth sports to resume play. Hypocritically speaking I have listened to, watched one, and have as usual watched each condensed Cubs game the morning after via the MLB app since they restarted. But,

I could care less

Sports used to be my main distraction from life. Since becoming a parent it has taken a backseat to life but I still enjoy them.

I understand why they would want to restart

It’s all about the Benjamins.

Honestly, seeing that this is America the land of Freedom and Capitalism I’m shocked that the MLB isn’t offering a lower number of overly priced tickets for purchase for those that could afford the price tag. Our world is run by markets. I would imagine there is a market of people that would put themselves at risk of exposure to the virus for that selfie. I mean think about how many times you, or someone else you know is on your phone while driving. I figure it’s the same risk reward scenario.

I can’t imagine they’ll finish

A week into the MLB season and the Miami Marlins have been shut down because a handful of players have tested positive for the virus.

High School and Youth Sports don’t stand a chance

If the Miami Marlins and their professional training staff and team of doctors can’t keep their players from contracting or potentially spreading this disease on the playing field how do we expect our underfunded and understaffed high school training staffs to do any better with slowing, never mind stopping the spread of this virus? Most high schools have one trainer, and a few student assistants for all their student athletes. Youth sports don’t stand a chance. Baseball for the most part is a pastoral non contact sport. What happens when contact sports like basketball and soccer restart? Not to mention collision sports like football and hockey.

As a former player and coach I know every season seems like the most important. Especially for any youth, high school, or collegiate athlete competing for a chance to play at the next level. Not to mention high school and college seniors. The majority of whom will never play that sport again. But, just like last spring with Prom and Graduation I think it’s foolish for our schools to put their students at an even higher risk of possible infection and potentially spreading of this virus.

Are you shocked at my beliefs

Are you shocked at my beliefs and thoughts about our sports world today. I’m sure teenage Ken would feel differently. In fact I know he would. I played through pain. I hid some injuries from my trainers and parents so I could chase glory on the field. I was a child. I did childish things. Now, as a grownup and as many daily physical pains that I suffer on I don’t regret my decision. Mentally, that is a different story. Here’s to the concussion protocols of today as opposed to the 90’s. But now as a parent in these unprecedented times of social distancing and face coverings I’m just really happy my daughters are only 4. That Missy is working from home, and I’m unemployed which allows me to keep everyone as safe as possible and to think about things like this.

As far as the Cubs are concerned they have absolutely no chance with this bullpen.

But, I hope I’m completely wrong on that and everything else I have mentioned in this article.


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