You and your sisters favorite thing to do these days is playing a game you call,


Hey Da! Lets play friends.

Geri. You wanna play friends with me!?.

Stella and Geri

Among all the other ways you two are exploring and learning about the world, this is my favorite. The game has developed over the last year, but basically you two just play and call each other friend. It began with Stella as Elsa and Geri as Anna.

But, you have been adding some rhyming names like Milly, Lilly, Tilly.

Usually when you are playing I try to stay away but I can’t help but watch and listen. However, I do play a semi reoccurring role as,

The Dude

A guy


I hope it’s a game that you two continue forever,


your forever friend.

Presents a forever song,

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