August 2nd, On the Road Again

I just can’t wait to get on the road again,

It took the entire projected time frame, 8 days, but I did get my Covid test results back on Thursday and I don’t have it. Although, the verbiage on my chart seemed to hold CVS non liable for any false negatives or false positives. Either way it was great to get back out in the district on Friday and Saturday.

Earlier in the week I had my first HOA meeting with the North Willow Farms neighborhood on the north side of Indianapolis. The meeting ran about an hour. I think it went pretty well. I got a few emails from those in attendance thanking me for my honesty, openness, and willingness to run for office. I’ve contacted many more HOA’s through email and Nextdoor. If you live in an HOA, or have a group of friends, that would welcome a candidate for Congress to your next meeting please let me know and I’d be happy talk with you.

Insisting that the world start turnin our way

The one nice part of my self quarantine was that it allowed me to really immerse myself in online discussions about this race and few other things happening here on the local level. My quest to meet with my City Council continues to drag on. If anyone has any connection to Pete Buttigieg I’m still trying to get him, or anyone from Win The Era, to get back to me about an endorsement. I continue reaching out to numerous other political, religious, non profits, and for profit organizations in hopes of having a conversation. Through those talks I am hoping to understand the responsibilities a representative to Congress has to individual members, and their organizations as a whole. It’s a ton of paper work and questionnaires. I guess this is why the other candidates have staff, but I want this campaign to be my voice not my staff’s. It’s part of the experiment I’m conducting.

On Friday I learned there is an Indiana Debate Commission. Yeah, it’s true there is a commission for that. I wonder if they’d help, or at least make sure I am assured a place on stage, if in fact there is a debate between the candidates for the 5th. Still waiting to hear back from the other parties about Pints and Politics, as well as, the Peace Rallies.

Earlier on Friday, I got back on the road again in Castleton on Allisonville just north of 465. Saturday I spent the morning dodging a few sprinkles and the threat of rain up and down Shadeland, 56th Street, and Pendelton Pike in Lawrence and Oaklandon. Got lots of honks, smiles, and a few thumbs up as well.

First day of school

On a personal and familial note and because of all the unplanned free time I decided to begin for S’s and G’s preschool on Monday. For shits and giggles that is.


On the road again

I’ll let Willie sign it

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