I’m not throwin away my shot

Sunday, June 26th

My quest to meet with the Westfield City Council and discuss the Golf Cart Route continues. I can’t for the life of me understand how this “city” is approving things without public comment.

Covid/Corona is reeking havoc on the planning of my Peace Rallies and trying to restart Pints and Politics but yet I keep moving forward. I’ve lined up a handful of organizations willing to table at the rallies. I have one band willing to play. Two more slow playing it. Neither of the other candidates have gotten back to me about their thoughts on either event. Or to even acknowledge my existence as a human being. Let along confirmed or denied their interest. I continue to try and get our current Congresswoman to speak with me and the other two candidates about the job.

This was a week unlike any on the campaign trail. I woke up Tuesday morning and felt like shit. Which is very uncharacteristic. Even when I do get sick I can usually grin and bear it while keeping up appearances as usual. Not this time. I had radiating pain up and down my back and lower legs. A headache that seemed to move around my brain, a general fog that I couldn’t shake, a fever and the chills. I had no idea what was going on. Those of you who know me and Missy know where this is going. If you don’t then let me just tell you the next morning I took a COVID test here at my local CVS.

Just like my country I’m young, scrappy, and hungry

America isn’t as young as it used to be,

Neither am I. But, comparatively to those in Congress I’d be a spring chicken. I believe we are still scrappy and hungry as a nation. We just don’t have any real political options.

Missy and I finally watched Hamilton. Hence the title and the quote above.

I know. I know.

How could we have waited so long? Well, first we live in Indiana. Second, we had two kids in 10 months right about the time it opened on Broadway. Third, when the show finally did come to the Midwest we couldn’t afford it. Finally, being a history guy I already knew most of the historical significance of Alexander Hamilton. But, I was intrigued at the concept of the show. Thank you Disney+ for releasing it.

Makes me wonder, why at this moment in time where people are yearning for entertainment to distract us from the world around us, would Broadway ever put together a streaming option? Classical Broadway shows recorded like Hamilton over four days. We are a consumer culture. I think people would gobble that up. Just a thought.

Rise up

In school I learned Alexander Hamilton’s role as one of our founding fathers. As a student I remembered the amazing story of him stealing British cannons from Manhattan. Then, a trusted advisor to George Washington during the Revolutionary War. The main author the of the Federalist papers, a key player in ratifying the Constitution, the first Secretary of Treasury, his belief of a strong federal government, centralized banking, and most memorable as a kid his duel with Aaron Burr.

Truth be told I’m more of a Jeffersonian Democrat than a Federalist. However, as a human being I connect more with the self made kid rising up from obscurity through sure will and determination ala Hamilton rather than the silver spooned Jefferson. I’m not young but I am scrappy and hungry and I truly believe that our government needs a serious change, again.

A colony that runs independently

That was what we were fighting for back then.

It wasn’t easy.

It wasn’t quick.

But we did it.

Now I look around and I can’t for the life of me understand why we allow ourselves to be lead around by two parties and I outwardly wonder how independent we are as a nation.

Enter me,

He says in parenthesis

That lack of representation was one of the deciding factors into my leap into the political world. Just like the colonist back in 1776 I feel voiceless in my government. Even now. As one of three candidates on the ballot neither political party returns my calls. None of the local, statewide, or national media publications will return my calls, emails, dm’s, tweets, posts, etc. Why? What’s the difference between me and them? Oh yeah, money.

But as far as the play is concerned I enjoyed it a lot. The acting, the lyrics, the music it was all phenomenal. I don’t know everything Lin Manuel Miranda has done. But adding Hamilton to Moana I’m sold.

I know I’m rambling but I’m in self quarantine until I get my results back.

Oceans rise, empires fall

The strongest connection I made from the play to our society today was with King George. Let me explain. Substitute King George for the Republican and Democratic Parties and the lyrics take on a contemporary tone.

My sweet, submissive subjects

My loyal, royal subjects

Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever

Obviously, we are not run by a monarchy any longer. But, we are ruled by a duopoly at best, or an oligarchy at worse. Somehow, someway we have traded in one voice in government for only two. Hamilton and the rest of our Founding Fathers and the American Colonist found themselves in a War against the largest most powerful empire of that era. The British. I find myself trying to swing up at two Political Parties that would very much just not to have to deal with me.

So don’t throw away this thing we had

‘Cause when push comes to shove

I will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love

Da da da da dat da da da di ya da

First, they laughed at the Colonist. Then, they ignored the Colonist. Next, they tried to subdue the Colonist. After that, they had to fight the Colonist. Finally, the Colonist won. I find myself at least in a struggle against our overall acceptance of the two party system. Me, the self made upstart trying to do everything I can to get myself taken seriously by the media and the voters of the 5th. I could give a damn about the other two parties. Being ignored can be disheartening. Knowing that you don’t have equal resources can get you down.

But then I remember a few lyrics from the Father of our Country:





I’d argue the last point.

Everyone I speak with says that they support me.

Everyone in power ignores me.

Only time will tell.

I have until leaves fell.

Trust me,

I’m not throwing away my shot.

To earn your vote,


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