Jeffersonian Democrat

Yes. Thomas Jefferson owned slaves and that was wrong then and is deplorable to think about today.

No one is perfect. Not even Thomas Jefferson. His face is on Mount Rushmore but it’s amazing how little we know about him as a politician.

Tony worthy indeed

When I originally wrote this I had not seen Hamilton. So I won’t reference Lin Manuel Miranda’s Broadway show. However, since I did just finish it let me say it was great. But what I will say to you is Alexander Hamilton won a lifelong debate/struggle to chart the soul of our nation. His mimicking of the British Empire’s industrial economy, and centralized banking won out over Jefferson’s more pastoral approach.

Hamilton feared anarchy and thought in terms of order; Jefferson feared tyranny and thought in terms of freedom.

Jefferson vs. Hamilton in a nutshell

I think the majority of America learned more about Thomas Jefferson through Daveed Diggs role as him in Hamilton, or through Paul Giamanti’s HBO mini series John Adams. But, because of my love of history I always feared Hamilton’s vision and admired Jefferson’s. I never wanted to be the United Kingdom. It didn’t work from them. Why would it work for US? I liked the idea of a laisez-faire, pastoral, a thousand year gentle Manifest Destiny. As opposed to the aristocratic, corporate manipulated, consumer driven, worker exploiting industrious Federal Nation of Hamilton. Or at least that what it has turned out to be.

Sera Sera

Whatever will be will be

We’re getting close to the 250 year mark. Is it time to rethink what we not only want for our country. More than just our economy but for our populous majority. It’s not as entertaining to watch and listen to a Broadway show or HBO series, but it’s at least as equally important to think about it on your own. Our mindset as a nation is beginning to shift to more self sustainability, shouldn’t we?

Something to think about,


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