June 19th, The Garden

One of the ways being a teacher has helped prepare me for a career in politics is that you have to be flexible and ready for anything. I keep saying this but you really wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to talk or meet with our elected officials and business leaders until you try it yourself.

Bush League

I agree with Jake Gilbert

This week was filled with last second changes. One was a personal decision. Another was a scheduling issue with a local HOA. The most mindbogglingly was the lack of preparedness and flexibility by the City of Westfield as it pertains to transparency, communication, and interaction with their residents.

I met a lot of like minded progressives and moderates during this weeks Tuesday’s with Tucker. Lifelong Republicans and Democrats who are fed up with what both parties have transformed into during our lifetimes. I flew the flag in Fishers along 116th and 69, along the Monon in Carmel, and up and down 71st street in Indianapolis.

With our without nuts?

zucchini bread and delivery options

The biggest victory took place in the Tucker Family Garden where the girls and I picked our first zucchini and whipped up our first batch of our famous zucchini bread. Which lead me to a campaign idea. Free bread or muffins to anyone willing to accept delivery within the 5th. Also in the garden we had our first few green tomatoes and cucumbers popping up between a lot of buds and flowers.

I have always loved cooking and gardening. It’s a very symbiotic relationship. Even before we had a yard I would have an herb garden and a tomato plant on the balcony of any of Missy and I’s apartments. I enjoy both even more so now with Stella and Geri as my green horns and sous chiefs. To plan, plant, water, weed, or other wise care for something other than yourself in order to utilize for survival is a life skill everyone should be exposed to.

You reap what you sow

Seed, water, and watch it grow

Hopefully it works that way with my campaign as well.

Yesterday was Missy and I’s anniversary. In celebration, relaxation, and preparation for the next 15 weeks I gave myself the weekend off from the campaign.

Moving forward.

I’ll be around.

Let me know if you’d like some bread.


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