My second act

Sports got me into college.

College got me into my first act as an adult, education.


Education has helped me see the world around me my entire life. More importantly education and the seeking of knowledge has allowed me to understand the world that has come before all of us, and the lands I have never seen or traveled through.

Now as I look ahead to my second act as a professional I feel compelled to continue to listen, learn, and lead our state and nation forward in any and all areas. Especially Education, Equality, and the Environment.

I loved being a teacher and a coach. But, I ended my first act as a professional after having kids of my own. Now, I’m trying to win a general election to bring some common sense into our seemingly nonsensical political landscape.

I want to lend my voice to all the teachers of Indiana who have been rendered voiceless thanks to our Republican super majority. That super majority has been trying for over a decade to privatize education and run schools like a business. PreK-12 public education is not a business. Students are not itemized list items. The only portion of education that can be considered a business are our Universities but that is a different conversation.

The systematic dismantling of organized labor and collective bargaining across our state during Governors Daniels, Pence, and Holcomb’s terms have had a negative impact on an entire generation of students and it needs to be corrected. Education needs a voice in this state and in our government. I want to be that voice.


As I look to the future I want to make a difference in the lives of Americans as it pertains to equality.

the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities

That is the definition of equality. In America we have many freedoms. But we are not equal in a lot of ways. Gender, race, religion, marriage, health care, and education are just a few areas we are severely lacking equality and I will focus my time in office at fixing theses areas of inequalities.

The environment

In a final coup d’é·tat my answer to the question of how I plan on fixing these issues from a monetary standpoint is…

It all comes from the environment. Protecting it, preserving it, and opening up new markets to fund education and transportation will help me achieve my goals.

Education is the key to my entire campaign. I honestly believe the more we know, the more we all understand, the more we will realize that many of our societal issues stem from educational inequalities set forth by a broken system that both our two major political parties have been neglecting. Irregarless of that they say during an election year both political parties are to blame for a current state of inequality.

Will my second act be in politics?

If I knew,

That wouldn’t be as much fun,

As leaving it up to you,

Please vote.

I hope you’ll give me a chance.

Declare your own Independence and assert your own freedom.

If you have a third party candidate on your ballot give them some consideration.

I think we all know what you’ll get with the other two sides.

If you’re as tired as me with the same old same old,

If you live in Indiana’s 5th Congressional district,

Please give me the opportunity to earn your vote,


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