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Media to me can not be social. If too many voices are heard and context is not fully understood or explained, not to mention true, then it’s just an electronic tabloid, or more noise on all the screens we currently have at our disposal.

At this point in my life, like most, its just not really cost effective to get the physical paper. My apologies to The Indy Star, The Hammond Times, The Journal and Courier, and The Chicago Tribune. I used to pay for your papers. But now in the digital age I peruse your websites, read the headlines, and carefully select which articles to read. Here in Hamilton County I receive The Current for free but it’s usually lacking content and always late on relevance.

I wish it were different but in the digital age if it’s not on a screen it has a hard time being read or viewed en masse by those my age and younger. By screen I do not include the traditional tv viewing of my youth. What does that say for stations like WTHR, WMAQ, WBBM, WIBC, and all the other call letters out there. I guess that puts more pressure on them but they always seem more focused on the weather and other soft news stories.

I’m not against any mainstream media. I love the news. However, I’ve been trying for almost a year to get any of these “respected” news outlets to cover my candidacy. Only the Current has given me the time of day. For that I am forever grateful and I do know the irony considering what I have said previously about their content and relevance.

If I had the answers I’d share at this point. But, what the implied meaning to the original post is that it comes back to understanding and trusting who and where we are getting our information. But, it makes me wonder about the media’s role in politics. For me as The Libertarian Candidate for Congress I’ve been ignored and not given equal time over the air, in print, or on the screens of all these trusted news outlets. I’m hoping that after tomorrow’s Primary Elections are complete that the coverage of my candidacy will at least be equal to that of the Republicans and Democrats.

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