I’m still dragging my feet on doing any type of live video so I’ve decided to experiment a little bit more with my website. I still prefer to write and type words more than I am comfortable with any type of camera in my face.

I have a deep disdain for selfies but if that is how others want to spend their time. So be it.

Back to today. I wanted to create a new folder that will be dedicated solely to my time on the road.

My own Road Journal

I got the idea from a favorite band of mine. Guster. Back in College via their website they kept a road journal.

Now, this was before social media of any kind. It was innovative, honest, and a sincere attempt by the Thunder God to keep their fans in the loop. I thought it was a great idea then and I hope it’s not antiquated now.

Really, I think my entire site is a journal but I’m hoping by adding this subcategory to my On Politics tab it will be a more raw view of my time running for Congress, and somehow create more viewers.

That being said,

My first entry

It was another long week. Missy and I traveled to Alexandria, Elwood, Tipton last Saturday. I traveled to Cicero on Wednesday. Then, Hartford City, Upland, Gas City, and Marion yesterday. I also had a Zoom call focusing on the environment with Democratic Primary Candidate Jennifer.

I met a father named Ron in Cicero on Wednesday. He was super nice and conversational. His biggest concern for me was voting access. I also met a woman named Mary that evening who inquired about Gun Control at Red Bridge Park. The City of Marion was the most supportive of my street performances. Just a man and his signs.

I was once again taken aback by all the cool things in parts unknown to me. I love seeing new things. Gas City Park was a highlight. Marion is a lot bigger than I thought. I drove on the same country roads and highways as James Dean. Kinda cool. Another rebel but for me there is definitely a cause. Always has been.

The thing I enjoy most about my campaign is driving all over the district, seeing things I’ve never seen before, speaking to complete strangers, and learning a little bit about them and their neighborhood, town, and cities. Spending time in unfamiliar places really strengthens my belief that we are all more alike than we are separate. I just hope enough people take the time in the 5th to get to know me and make a conscious decision this November about who they are voting for from the President on down the ticket.

I probably should do video. I just hope that someone else records it.


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