They got money

They got money,

but they ain’t got Cash

As all the other candidates for public office try to beg, borrow, and buy this upcoming election. I’m still trying to find work in Indiana by talking with anyone about anything for free.

I’m trying to find work in Indiana

I wait steeped in anticipation as the Democratic and Republican Parties try to figure out who they will appoint, or is it elect, as their candidate to join me in the race to replace retiring Susan Brooks. The winner will become Indiana’s 5th Congressional District Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. Congress for short.

No fancy fundraising dinner parties.

No corporate sponsored events.

No mudslinging.

No pandering.

Just me.

On Topic.




Free gratis
Thanks Al

Is the idea to make the reader feel like a fucking dunce?

Al Swearengen

Happy Friday


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