The Media’s role in politics

I believe the media’s role in politics is extremely important.

It’s important

Ken Tucker

Truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness, and public accountability. It’s never been an easy job and it’s never been more important. Reporters don’t seem to get paid all that well. Especially when you are just get started. You’re often over worked and sometimes mistreated. As a former teacher I can relate.

My name is Ken Tucker,

Today is the rescheduled Primary Election date here in Indiana. Weeks ago I reached out to all major news outlets and asked them to join me in discussion about the media’s role in politics. No one from any of the news outlets attended. A few inquired about what the conversation would entail but I never heard back.

I believe in equity

I hope that after the other two Political Organizations have elected their nominee I will be granted equal air time with our over the air networks and the print media.

I’m not a member of any major Political Organization in Indiana. I’m the nominee of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. I’ve been waiting patiently for almost three months as you have been discussing the job.

My patience is up,

Beginning tomorrow I’ll be one of three people that will be on the ballot for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District. That district includes the North side of Indianapolis. All of Blackford, Hamilton, Grant, Madison, and Tipton Counties. As well as portions of Boone, Hancock, and Howard counties.

I hope to be let into the conversation post haste and if any reporter out there would like for me to reschedule this meeting topic I would be happy to.

As always,

Thank you for your time,


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