I gotta woman

Actually I got five women in my house right now.

My wife

My daughters

My dogs

That doesn’t even include my mom and my sister. Not to mention my grandmothers, both gone, but instrumental in raising me.

Either way,

They’ve all been good to me.

I think they all deserve(d) equality.

Sing it Ray.

What more could a person need?

Just to be clear to everyone, it’s never been about the money, but the love I share with all these women that has, is, and will make me, me.

At the very least, if I win this election, I can fight for equality for all.

I’ve been lucky enough to have always been surrounded with strong woman. My wife, my mother, and my grandmothers are/were working moms that instilled the value of building a strong household and community. I hope that is the home Missy and I are building for our daughters.

Thanks as always for reading,


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