I’m no lawyer

Nor is there an esquire on any branch of my familial tree. But, I believe the pool of jurors for the next round have been tampered with : ^ ) or at the very least a majority seem to be not listening to the truth as it has been presented through sworn testimony.

However, I think I know enough about government, media, and politics to have a say in the court of public opinion. And since we are in the middle of a civics lesson, I would just like to be sure We The People are understanding the goings on in and around Capitol Hill.

First, Congress has voted to impeach our President on the grounds that he has abused his power and obstructed justice after becoming President. Forget all the stuff before 2016.

Insert all sworn testimony before Congress here

Now we wait to see how,

Mitch and Mike continue the circus

Correct me if I’m wrong but all 100 US Senators now have to consider the exact same information that was presented to Congress and vote Yes or No.

That’s it. Only the facts put forth by the witnesses called before Congress.

Trial by jury is the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution. I think. I coulda said it was the 28th but as an American who knows his rights. Unless, the Senate has witnesses to call. It’s their vote.

Not as a Republican. Not as a Democrat. Not as an Independent. But as an American Citizen called on to be an impartial juror in a pretty big case.


It doesn’t seem that difficult.

Now, for the rest of us, include all the things we all knew about Donald Trump before he became the fucking President of the United States. Or what we have learned after he became President. That is where you, me, and the jurors are at this moment in time.

There is no getting away from Donald Trump. As a member of that public jury I would like to say, he’s totally guilty. But, I’d just assume he get voted out in November as an American Referendum than allow Mike Pence any time whatsoever on the throne.

But, that is just me. As I’ll continue to say as far as the most recent President is concerned,

Don’t blame me,

I voted for Gary Johnson


The only War good for America is,

A Trade War

From an Independent.

For what it’s worth.

For future generations to know,

The truth,

The whole truth,

And nothing but the truth,

or something like that


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