Spite, smite, smote

I know those are not great character traits but I use them only as intrinsic motivation and I never do it to hurt anyone. So whatever that word is. Consider that as part of my motivation for running for Congress.

In spite of being told it was impossible

As a kid growing up on the wrong side of the tracks I was surrounded by friends, neighbors, and even some relatives constantly telling me that there was no way I’d ever play sport for the Crown Point Schools Community School Corporation.

They didn’t like us

Their rationale

I refused to believe that. I played Varsity football as a sophomore on a Sectional Championship finalist during non blow out moments. By the time I graduated I was a team captain, multiple letter award winner, and a multiple year all area selection as a representative of the Crown Point Bulldog football team.

Maybe you shouldn’t waste your time or money

My first ever meeting with my academic advisor at Ball State included the statement above. I replied,

I’ll send you my diploma

Now, I don’t blame that counselor. Having taught for 12 years I understand the extreme caseloads placed on all educational Educational Support Professionals. ESP’s to those of us in the education know.

One of the first things I did after moving into Johnson Hall at Ball State during Freshman Orientation in 1998 was fill out a questionnaire about my academic history. I was told to answer the questions truthfully and that my responses would not be held against me. The questionnaire was long and included inquiries such as:

On average how much time did you devote to study each day while in high school?

3-4 hours

2-3 hours

1-2 hours

30 min-1 hour

0-30 min

My answer was 0-30 min, only because 0-5 minutes wasn’t an option

Why did you decide to attend Ball State University?


Family history

Friends attending


I answered other

Which of the following best describes your attitude towards education?

Self motivated

Motivated by others


I answered unmotivated

Do you expect to graduate in 4 years?



I answered no

You get the drift.

I quickly learned that people really don’t want the truth. Or at the very least sometimes the truth can be used against you, but yet I remain a truthful person.

I would like to say the only other time I saw that counselor was when I enrolled for my Spring classes. I never went back and sought his advise on anything. After our initial conversation I avoided him and that office at all costs. However, that conversation got me out of bed, into class, the library, and otherwise motivated me to try harder than I ever had, academically speaking, at any moment of my life up until that point.

I don’t remember his name. But, he has had a profound impact on my life. Is that spite? I don’t know. But, I do know I only wish I remembered his name because I really did want to send him a copy of my degree.

My academic advisor at Purdue was a godsend. Thank you Janet Robinson.

Most recently I have been told,

If you don’t have money,

You can’t win

Indiana Democratic Party

That same type of motivation drives me to seek the open 5th Congressional District seat with the impending retirement of Susan W. Brooks. I have reached out to all three political parties that have ballot access in Indiana. The way I figure it, if we are going to be electing a complete stranger, why not someone like me?

“crickets chirping”

Indiana GOP

The Republicans don’t even acknowledge my existence as a human being, let alone a candidate. The Democrats, to their credit have listened, but believe that if I don’t have money, or am unwilling to beg my family, friends, and neighbors to raise money there is no way I can win. However, the joke’s on them. Even if I was willing I don’t have any money in my family, and the friends that I might be comfortable asking for money, don’t have any to spare. Just to be crystal clear I would never ask my neighbors or strangers for money.

The Libertarians are the most open to my Independent Campaign.

Libertarian Response

Either way, I’m running for Congress to represent the people of 5th district of Indiana on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. At the very least I want to believe that money doesn’t matter if a candidate is knowledgeable, passionate, and wants to run to run a legitimate campaign to serve the people of any distract.

It’s already proven to be a challenge. But, it’s a challenge worthy of what I believe are my most valuable commodities: time and effort. Of which, I promise to give the people of the 5th district more than any other candidate.

What do you think?

I’d absolutely love to hear from any and all of you, especially if you live in the 5th district.


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