Not to be confused with Woo Girls or any of the endless Wu Tang shows currently streaming across our devices.


Much like the Wu Tang Clan the Bad Boys franchise is coming back. Contemporaries if you will. I know I have listened to most of the Wu. I’m sure I’ve done something equivalent to wooing myself a time two. But for the life of me I can’t remember if I watched Bad Boys II or not.

Don’t watch on work device


Bad Boys II

Wooosaaahhhh. I guess I did watch the sequel because I thought Woosah was from the original. But during research for this rushed post has proved me to be incorrect. Either way or anyway this is the mantra repeated by characters, and really the only memorable part at least for me, from the sequel to Bad Boys. Both main characters and supporting police characters are once again going through some stuff in their personal and professional lives.

Aren’t we all?.?

By rubbing pressure points and repeating this mantra it is suppose to help people cope, calm, and collect themselves in hopes to take a break from all those triggers that we feel throughout the day.

Not all woosaahh’s are created equal.

Not proper for work view

As we make the turn into the height of the Holiday Season and are confronted with whatever personal, professional, familial, or political triggers you may have. I’d like to remind everyone to first breath, relax, enjoy, and then do whatever it is you do to cope with your very own triggers.

Back to Bad Boys. I’m not sure about the upcoming movie. Honestly, by 2019 I was hoping Mike and Marcus would have retired and found their inner peace. But, Hollywood loves franchises and seems to have had very few original ideas over the last few years. But, however you can make that money. That being said, I really did enjoy the original especially back in the 90’s.

I began this by thinking what I would do if I had the job I’m seeking as Indiana’s 5th Congressional Representative in Congress. I’d take a deep breath (wooosaaah) smile, make a joke/reference to continue the conversation, gauge the room, and get back to doing my business.

Move onto 1:30 if you’re short on time



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