I couldn’t love you anymore

and i’ll never love you any less

Yeah, my eyes are closed but the rest of the pic is great

That about sums up my feelings towards the three ladies of my house.

My attention was drawn from my laptop to the TV screen when I heard the lyrics that started this post during an Episode of Peg + Cat on the PBS Kids app this morning. My daughters just started watching the series Peg + Cat. I like it. They always do a lot with match, but today it was this song that is sticking with me.

There’s so much we can do as three

You’ll never have to worry,

You’ll never have to stress,

Even way back then

I’ll sing it from the rooftops,

I really must confess

To the three ladies that have made my SAHDlife.

I couldn’t love you anymore,

I’ll never love you less,


If you’re unfamiliar with Peg + Cat take a look, it’s worth the 2 minutes.


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