Campaign Promises

I’ll make you 6 promises.

Each day from now until I either win or lose two consecutive elections. I will focus on three areas of our society that I believe are of vital importance for our future. As we get ready to turn the calendar to the year 2020. Two hundred and forty four years after declaring our our Independence I want to ensure we fund, protect, and guarantee




For all of US

For my daughters, your grand kids, the kids in your neighborhood, for our future sustainable future as a society. I will represent everyone with a high level of


Emotion and


6 E’s should be easy enough to remember.

I hope.

But either set of 3 will let you know what I’m focusing on as a candidate. Equally important it will be what I focus on as your representative.

Your non obfuscation (clear, understandable)

atypical (not typical)


As always thanks for caring enough to read.

Tell your friends : ^ )


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