An audience of one

Hi babe.

Thanks for everything.

I miss you.

I hope work doesn’t suck.

It will truly begin to be a happy friday when you are home with us.

Since you are the only person that visits this website on a regular basis I figured I’d write one just to you to say thanks.

Not you

A Thank You to my best friend,

The most important person in my life,

my wife

Thank you for this incredible life.

I’m 40. You’re not but almost.

You’ve been supporting me, loving me, motivating me, and inspiring me for over twenty two years. There is no way I would be who I am right now without you. There is no way I would be trying to do what I’m trying to do without you giving me this amazing restart to my professional career.

Here’s hoping for at least another twenty two years of fun!

I love you



for everything

If anyone else gets this deep into the website. Thanks for visiting. I hope my Independent campaign is, will be, or has been a success. I honestly think a person like me is exactly the type of person that could do some good as politician for our state, our country, and our world.

Forever grateful,


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