To whom it may concern

I’m assuming there is a billing departments so please send me there, but by the end legal and reader submissions may want to note the file.

I need to cancel my subscription

I honestly thought my father in law was sending your magazine to my house. That’s kinda his thing.

Since i’m paying for it,

please cancel

There’s no reason for me to ask for the money back, it was my fault. Now that I think about it. I think I remember making this purchase for my wife a few years Christmas’ back.

It’s me.

Not you.

I still do enjoy the articles but as an unemployed, stay at home dad, and independent candidate for election, I just can’t afford you any longer. If you could please consider this letter and all the other contents on this site entrants into any open writing contests you may have going on. November 12th 2019 the date of agreement on my end.

If a fee is under $26

I’ll trade one entry into your many writing competitions

For any actual delivering of goods on your end


If not. I understand and I look forward to my final year reading your magazine.

Thankfully I can still get my lists, suggestions, secrets, laughter, and the other emotions on CBS Sunday Morning.

Thanks for reading.


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