The Great Lakes Football Report

It’s November in the Upper Midwest.

I think.

I’m still just a stay at home dad and wanna be politician. But despite the snow this isn’t Winter. Yet.

Either way, it’s almost high school championship time. All across this area good football will be coached and played. Time for anyone who thinks they have a chance to make a run to start. Some, are way out of championship contention. Others, a playoff chance or a bowl bid could still be made. The Illini are still swingin. Others holdin on. But from the NFL, through the College ranks, and to the few playin on Friday’s most still have a chance. Plenty of rivalries still lay ahead as we head into Winter.

Packers. Browns. Bills in that order for NFL anyway.

But the Buckeyes are probably the best football team in Midwest.

Outside of Green Bay, Ohio State is getting the best quarterback play.

But I do wonder about some kid somewhere in the Ohio Valley that has been running this offense his whole life. There has to be more than the 12 able bodied quarterbacks playing football on any Given Sunday.

I know it’s the toughest position in American sports. If your NFL quarterback is truly the issue, like mine, there should be another option. Most experts thought Mitchel Trubisky and Baker Mayfield would be showing at this point, as NFL quarterbacks. Not so much.

If we lost Green Bay the Great Lakes would be the NFL’s Dead Sea. Wisconsin and Minnesota? Lake Superior way up and over don’t forget. The other side of the UP. Speaking of, why is that Michigan?

Upper Peninsula

As far as the mitten I’m not sure about Patricia, Stafford’s hurt, Dantonio still best coach in state. I really am not an expert on Indana.

Funny I know. My favorite part of the Lakes barely grazes Indiana’s coast. And our favorite NFL team still doesn’t have a good enough quarterback.

I just hope my Boilers can get healthy and give Brohm some chances, especially next year.

A PJ Fleck, Ryan Day match up for B1G Championship game that first Saturday in Indy would be fun and hopefully close.

Happy Rivalry Game
Happy Holidays sports friends


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