An Open Letter to Mike Braun

Since you haven’t responded to my emails or tweets. You know get an open letter.

For those that don’t know.

Mike Braun is one of our Senators here in Indiana.

This is not Mike Braun

I wonder if I would have switched Senator Palpatine to the title image if anyone wouldn’t have known the difference.

Irregardless. He is 1 out of 100. He is 1 of the 3 Hoosiers that represent our Nation and our State in the Upper House of Congress. That’s a 33% advantage for Indiana over any other state.

You sent me to shake up Washington

His pledge to us

He does not believe that there is a climate crisis. At least that is what I was told by Jerry during my visit to his mobile office hours last Friday in Tipton. Mr. Braun also isn’t interested in new agricultural markets. Through our discussion Jerry also gave me a pretty solid feeling that Mr. Braun is a partisan politician. That is unless other members of his party feel the same. He will vote with the Party. Or how his party tells him. You tell me.

Is this the shakeup he claims?

That’s really about all I know about Mike Braun. But I look forward to getting to know more about him.

Seeing how yesterday was Veterans Day I would like to make a plea for anyone who might read this to email Senator Mike Braun.


I just want to make sure he got the paper work from the Military Family in front of me in line in Tipton. They needed things for their son whom had some type of accident while on duty. He’s back home and needs constant care. From what I overheard their needs range from pretty basic supplies for his care to essentials. But the government won’t pay for it. Or whatever the story is. Jerry’s got the rest of it.

Why do I know this? Because I talked to the parents while we were waiting for our turn to speak with Jerry. Also, because you had all of us in one room at the Tipton Library. I heard a lot. Did you? I’m pretty sure that is a violation of Hipaa law. If Jerry hasn’t reached out to you about that military family, I am. Climate is a big problem with multiple levels. Caring for a wounded soldier should be easy. Also, a guy from Becks sat down, I chatted with him, Jerry didn’t. I wonder if you would have listened to him about agriculture?

Sorry Jerry. Once I know that your boss got the letter and is addressing the issue. I’ll take your picture down from the title screen. If you know Jerry or Mike ask them looks what they are doing to help that that military family in Tipton. If you want to bring up climate and agriculture I’d appreciate that as well.

However, I made a promise to those parents I would do anything I could to help them and their son. I don’t have inexhaustible financial resources, high powered friends, but I do have a voice and I’m trying to use it for the common good.

No military family should have to beg for help.

Nice talking to you Jerry.

If you didn’t know that last pic is Senator Braun.

Thanks for reading.


1/31 additional conversation plastered all over his Facebook page.

Still haven’t heard from him. Except generic emails weeks after saying he doesn’t believe the things I do. And, as we near the end of all this Impeachment stuff. We obviously don’t.


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