Deep exasperated sigh

I pride myself on not being overly dramatic in high stress situations. Not just as an adult. I’ve always kinda played it cool. One of you still remembers my first screen name.

Head trauma, crunch and cracking of bones, blood, some guts, and loud noises a plenty. Once pulled a co worker out of a running drill press before it ripped his arm off. Ran for my life, or at least away from getting in trouble, and have operated heavy machinery in high stress situations. I can tie a knot that will hold but I only fish for my food.


all lower case. best way to type. at least the easiest. maybe next thing indiana will get rid of. capital letters in books and papers.

If you haven’t figured it out I can be overly dramatic by nature. I love hamming it up. Over congratulating. Coaching. Teaching. Helping. Showing you and the world a smile. Walkin the walk. Toein the line as needed and necessitated. Because I walk it for all of you.

wearing a clown nose,

work boots,


or professor jacket

I have a few good ties too

You ladies have thrown your mother and I some frights over these first 4 years.

We’ve had some deeply emotional moments. A few bad ones. None regrettable. All teachable.

But I’m feeling something that I may have never felt in my entire life.


Honestly, things have happened where I should feel whatever anxiety feels like. I should feel it. I never have. Until today.

I’m a lot better know emotionally speaking than I was when I assisted in holding you down for a biopsy sample. But in terms of mentally. For the first time in my life I am feeling just a little bit of anxiety. If this is what some people feel like all the time, I can’t even imagine, and I hope you have something that can help put you at ease. Come to find out I think mine is writing : ^ ) Just to be clear to the one person that I know will read this.

I’m not worried

No human being wants to have to wait any amount of time for any information about a child or a loved one. Two weeks? I guess I’ll be writing a lot. If you follow my Twitter find the one about Indiana, Kentucky, Purdue, and Virginia. I was going to include Alabama but that was a stretch.

I’m not worried

I just want to know


We have had late night trips to the ER/Urgent Care. But you were super warm and puking. The other was easier, little glue to close a chin wound. It’s a cute scar. An ultra sound at Peyton Manning Hospital. Yeah, he’s got a hospital named after him here. But this was our first stitch and now time. That’s the worst and the best.

It’s why I always love writing to all of you.

Maybe I should go back to paper.

Dad to 2

Ken to all

Mr. Tucker to none it’s Ken

Kenny from loved ones.

Kenneth to almost none.

A Guy from Indiana

Neither of you is voluntarily napping so I have to go and model that guy you all know.

None of this better become routine.

I love you.

I’ll just hit publish.

UPDATE: Uticaria Pigmentosa. Non life threatening : ^ ) but explains a lot of skin issues you have been having as it pertains to mosquito bites. Poor Geri but lucky us.

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