To the political establishment

In Indiana anyway.

My name is Ken Tucker.

I’m an Independent.

I have no real money to offer.

Neither does my family. Nor do most of my friends or the majority of people in this state.

You gots no movie

You gots no voice

Kinda the feeling i’ve developed over my 40 years on this Planet

I’ve spoken to both the Democrats and the Republicans and have gotten very little interest. Unless, I can give them a lot of money. I can’t. Or at least I wont. The Libertarian Party is at least willing to listen.

I want to be a voice that moves our State forward. It’s just that simple.

I’m not asking now,

Nor will I ever ask for money

I don’t want to end up like Alan Simpson.

Wait and see what what happened to the Honorable Mr. Simpson.

A Republican from Wyoming. I won’t pretend to know much more than that about him. Except that he lobbied against political and campaign fundraising.

I have voted for Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians. You have all let me down. Every single one of you.

Whether it’s in Indianapolis starting with Governor Holcomb, or my State Rep Tony Cook and State Senator Victoria Spartz. I honestly can say on the things I care most about in this world you have let me down.

To the State of Indiana’s US Senators Mike Braun and Todd Young.

To Mike Pence and Mitch Daniels because of (y)our history in this state.

To my Congressional Representatives Susan Brooks.

You have let me down as well

Now I want in on the conversation. A seat at the big kids table if you will. Maybe it’s the adult table but to hear you all just bicker, point fingers, blame each other, not listen, scream, throw things, and all that other stuff you do at that table. No offense to the kids table.

Mitch, Nancy, Chuck, Alexandria, Mike, Maggie

Representatives Jim Baird, Jim Banks, Jackie Walorski, Larry Buschon, Mike’s brother Greg, Andre, Pete, and our Volunteer Trey. You all just ignore me. So, I choose to run to at least put my voice amongst yours.

Who will take Susan Brooks’ open seat? I am one among a growing list of candidates who has announce our intentions to represent Indiana’s 5th Congressional District. Unlike the rest I’m doing this by myself. Sadly, to date every news agency online, in print, or on TV ignores me. Except for the Current in Westfield. Thank you to the people at The Current for my lone mention by any media outlet in the 5th district. Despite it all I really hope to speak to all of you.

In the end we the voters always decide.

Give me a little time each week. I think you’ll see I can represent all of US just by being me.


If your interested at all at what happens to Alan Simpson.

At the 8:00 mark
I still don’t have the patience, know how, or general understanding of this machine yet.
But I’m working on it

359 days and counting.

I want to earn your vote.

Not buy it.


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