Dave Martinez

It’s weird I feel like I know you. You played for the Cubs when I was a kid. You came back with Joe Maddon to claim a World Series. You were the first man, other than my dad, that my mom would say anything about in terms of being cute, hot, or whistling at on the TV.

I write this letter to question how and why the Baseball Writers Association of America left you off the ballot for the 2019 Manager of the Year.

Because of the above facts I’ll admit to some bias. But, I’ve never met Dave Martinez. However, we have spent countless hours together. At Wrigley Field, my childhood home, and now the home I share with my family. All I really want to say is that I think you got screwed this awards season. Not like La La Land or that one Miss Universe.

You got screwed

No offense but at least they got nominated. I think Craig Counsel, Mike Schildt, and Brian Snidkler all had great seasons. But, you took a team that most believed wouldn’t get in the playoffs to the World Series this year. Not only that you managed to manage them to win 4 road games to capture the Commissioner’s Trophy. Either one of those facts should get you on the final ballot. But alas your not.

I’ve never really understood baseball writers. Their written and unwritten rules. But I’ve tried to be understanding of the decisions that group has made. Everyone can’t get in the hall or win a trophy. An argument could be made for and/or against most winners of any award throughout history. I think that is what makes baseball great. The numbers. They don’t lie. However, that doesn’t stop fans from disputing. Thus the conversation keeps going over the years.

A discussion could be made most years,

The who’s ins and the whose nots.

The winners and the losers.

The omissions and mis readins

This omission however, I can not understand. I guess this will be one of those things people like me can reference over the course of the rest of our lives when we talk baseball. About people who got hosed. It’s not just sports.

I think that is why we love performances in general. They can be debated. It’s part of the history of the game, genre, party or whatever your into.


Joaquin Phoenix didn’t win for I Walk the Line

Sean Penn didn’t win for I Am Sam

Sylvester Stallone did win for Rocky

If you want a more detailed list open this link.

Grammy’s are susceptible to controversy as well.

Criss Cross not Kris Kross

Christopher Cross’ Yacht rock over old blue eyes

The world sometimes corrects

Sinatra over The Beatles Revolver

But not always

Beck over Beyonce

Alas we all continued to live

I know none of this truly matters. Sports, music, and movies. The big screens then. Any screen now. However, I think it bears repeating that what Dave Martinez and the Washington Nationals accomplished this year was nothing short of remarkable.


to begin the year included

You won the important trophy

For what it’s worth.

I think you shoulda won Manager of the Year.

Until our next spring fling,


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