In case you are not a doctor. Or, if you didn’t see title image.

The perineum is the area on your body I’ve always heard referred to as, and have referred to, as the taint.

Don’t let the smiles, music, or other marketing strategies fool you,

My wife asked me if I was reading,
I wasn’t.

It’s not just Jardiance.

These drugs have some adverse side effects.

It’s always good read the fine print.

Serious and potentially deadly side effects have occurred….

An infection of your perineum

My wife was reading the bottom, I was listening, we both looked at each other with a puzzled look about hearing, and reading a word we had never heard of before, that was located on each of our bodies.

How these types of drugs are legally prescribed and purchased is not shocking to me anymore. Nor are the commercials we all have to sit through. However, in 2019 the fact that marijuana is still illegal in Indiana for some arcane reason is beyond me.

Seriously, you could die if you take some of these legal drugs. Or maybe you just develop tuberculosis, a rash, loss of or change of consciousness, shortness of breath, trouble swallowing…….

rare conditions

As a result of taking this medication

Thankfully, I’ve never had to request any meds from a doctor at this point in my life. I’ve only had one minor surgery my entire life. A few broken bones. One doozy of a knee injury that included enough damage to all three of my knee ligaments. Thankfully because of drugs back then I was back in just over 4 weeks.

Miracles of modern medicine and

being young

Trust me, I am not rallying against big pharma. As a matter of fact I think they are pretty vital to our general standard of life. But for goodness sake a drug that could kill me, or some pot.

Lets legalize it.

Benefit from it.

Tax it.

Fund our schools with it.

Maybe even pay for roads.

An idea I would work to make happen for our State and Nation.

Just sayin,


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