Why am I a GDI?

If you are like I was in the late 90’s you weren’t familiar with the acronym. Let alone the Greek alphabet. We didn’t speak in acronyms back then. At least my crowd didn’t.

What’s a GDI?

You might be asking yourself

A GDI for those who are unfamiliar would be a god damn independent.

A god damn Independent

A “brother” told me

Not either of my brothers. He wasn’t even a friend or an acquaintance. He and I were sharing a space back in 1998. He was also a huge asshole. When I pushed him on a definition he and I went back and forth until we came up with the following:

Refuses labeling

Doesn’t want anything

Doesn’t need anybody

Won’t be controlled

Yeah, I told him. Sounds just about right. I guess you and I could be brothers. But we are definitively not friends. I left. I went to cash in on a friends promise to get me into Headliners. It didn’t work.

Sounds about right

My first and only attempt at attending a fraternity party in Muncie, at Ball State University, the Greek Alphabet letters on the door are inconsequential to the story. Not all Greek life is bad. Much like life you can become what you surround yourself with. Some people you can choose. Some you can’t. Like your actual family. Some rules you agree with. Some rules you don’t.

I happen to think that any political process is better with a competent and viable third option.


and only then,

the we in,

We the People,

have a voice

With vignettes like this I hope to allow Indiana to see what makes me, me. And in return they will allow me to join the conversation about our shared future.

Thanks for reading,


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