Either way or anyway what I’m trying to do is neither. It’s something completely different. At least in Indiana.

I am a white guy running for office.

But, I promise.

I’m different

First, I don’t want money. Never really had any. Don’t really ever want any.

I don’t know anybody you know.

I’m a complete Washington outsider. I’ve actually never even been there. Not even a drive through or around to get somewhere else. Philly. New York. West Virginia. I just never made my way over there.

Either way I’m running. It’ll be an Independent campaign for the 5th Congressional Seat being vacated by Susan Brooks. Grassroots campaigning in the truest sense.

I’d love to talk with anyone and everyone in the 5th district about what I will do if elected. Equally important, I would like to hear from you about what issues are important to you.

Thanks for listenin,

Hope to see you soon,


I don’t think this is.

For my SAHD followers this was inspired by a line from a Fancy Nancy Episode.

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