Molly of Denali

Thank you once again PBS Kids for another first in the life of my daughters and I. We have just finished watching the first installment of your new series Molly of Denali.

This series was the first bit of marketing I allowed my daughters to partake in.

It was cute, educational, and informative

I was more aware of it than they were. As an avid PBS Kids household we eagerly waited for it’s release for a week or two. Then, after it’s release we put it into our viewing que.

It took us longer than I thought to finish. My eldest really liked the “Ghost House” episode. You’ll know it as Episode 3 Bird in Hand/Bye Bye Birdy. My youngest took longer to warm up to the latest addition to our viewing schedule. But, they are sold and so am I.

I was a big fan of the episodes where they go rafting and/or canoeing. It allowed me to talk about the my wife and I’s adventures on the gorge. The New River. West Virginia. And all of our shared adventures in our kayaks in Indiana.

We all like the drum in theme song and the beauty of the Alaskan landscape, culture, and wildlife. I’m not a huge fan of the phone and technology use. However, if my daughters have to become aware of life on screen, i’m glad Molly is teaching them first. Then, we as parents can address, as opposed to them not finding it weird that they didn’t grow up on, or in front of, a tiny screen.

You have my full sahd endorsement.


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