My Student Loan Story

I owe Sallie Mae/Navient around $45,000. Give or take a few grand depending on interest.

It was a loan,

I had no other way to pay for school,

I knew/know I have to pay it back,

And I intend to.

I am currently a stay at home dad. Previously I was a public school teacher.

The only way I could pay for college was utilizing Federal Student Loans. I eagerly agreed to the terms of both subsidized and unsubsidized loans in return I received a diploma. The fine print was there to read. I read it. I understood it. I signed it. It’s a binding contract.

The $45K total does not include my Pell Grants. Yes. I grew up in a household in which there was no way of paying for college. In fact, my dad still may owe my high school money for overdue book rentals. We had so little money I actually received the Pell Grant each year. Back then the grant was about $1,000 a year. $500 a semester.

Shortly after graduating from Purdue University with a BA in Elementary Education that $250 student loan bill started showing up every month. I was now officially an adult.

I’m not sure how Senator Sanders and anyone else in favor of erasing student debt tend to pay for it. After doing my own research on his plan I feel, skeptical. But, if i’m paying off GM, Chrysler, and whatever other companies bad debt, sure I’ll take it.

As soon as I get back to working I would support my taxes going to student debt, but not to financial sectors

But waving some loans but not others. I’m not ok with that. We all agreed to the loan and I think we should all be on the hook*.

However, moving forward I think something needs to be done to reign in the outrageous cost of college. I have two young daughters and have done some research. As far as I can calculate in 15 years when my oldest daughter might want to attend any of Indiana’s fine in state universities it’s going to cost her a bazillion dollars. Seriously, what is moving up faster the federal debt or the price of college?

All state schools fit in this category
For the gamblers in Indiana, I’d agree to a push from the above question.

Here’s my own fuzzy math. 20 years ago it cost me $45K for 5 years of college here in Indiana. Today, it cost roughly $22K a year. Times 5 would equal over $100K. So, at this rate, and considering all the economic variables in place that have been driving the cost of a higher education higher and higher. I think in 15 years I can reasonably assume that price of college could easily double again. Meaning the final cost for our kids could be north of $200K. I, Senator Sanders, and others agree this is outrageous and should be fixed. Not for my benefit. But for our future.


The entire educational system in this country is long over due for an over haul but lets stick to the finances. All Universities are for profit. Actual for profit education is a disgrace. From the cost, to the sub par curriculum, not to mention their predatory lending habits. At the very least when you talk about education reform we all should agree that something needs to be done at the State and Federal level to correct the cost moving forward.

One final economic statement of record for me and my candidacy. The $45K I incurred to get my teaching license was still more than my salary after my 12th and final year in the classroom.

Fuzzy numbers are just as bad as alternative facts. But like I said if this is what we are doing with our tax dollars lets just be honest and truthful. We, the voters, the people, and especially the workers deserve that much transparency in our government.

Thanks for reading,


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