A Real Green Deal for Indiana

Yes. I think Indiana should legalize pot. But it’s more than that.

It is a Real Green Deal for Indiana.


Wind farms

Solar Panels

Anything Green

Grow it, sell it, build em, utilize em, most importantly profit from any and all things Green.

For Indiana to continue to compete and lead our nation and the world in agriculture I think we need to put our conservative views of marijuana to the side. Lets cast away the negative stigma of pot from our grandparents generation.

I’m not talking about rope or CBD oil either. Those are already legal here in Indiana. I’m talking THC in all it’s forms. Buds, liquid, gummies, brownies, etc. Other forward looking states such as Colorado, Oregon, Michigan, even Illinois already realize what a huge agricultural market is opening up in front of our very eyes and are already benefiting from the production, cultivation, manufacturing, distributing, and taxes being collected by recreational marijuana.

Just like tomatoes,

Or corn

Indiana has a history of agricultural innovation and excellence. Those of us who live outside the few truly metropolitan areas already know this. But, Indiana is still an agricultural state. Purdue University’s School of Agriculture is one of the worlds leading colleges of all things agriculture as it pertains to food, life, and as a natural resource science. They have a strong history stretching the frontiers of science to find solution to global issues. Per the link from above. Seems to be a natural partnership.




sports betting,

scratch offs,

pull tabs,

I’m pretty sure we in Indiana lost any moral high ground when we legalized sports betting earlier this year. If we know that gambling is addictive, can cause financial ruin, and could potentially tear apart households. Why not pot? Seems hypocritical to allow and profit from some recreational activities, but not all.

Luckily it’s not all doom and gloom

Indiana is at the forefront in some cases

Indiana continues to push this nation and our state forward in terms of Wind Energy. In between state roads 52 and 24 in Benton and White counties you can see part of Fowler Ridge Wind Farm. This wind farm is the largest in the Midwest and one of the largest in the world. Other wind farms can be found along I-65 in White County . Not to mention the collection of farms dotting fields in Jasper, Tipton, and Madison counties respectfully.

I plan on discussing the particulars with the corporations and farmers who are, or in the farmers case I hope, profiting from these wind farms. If this is, as I hope, a mutually beneficial relationship lets do more. We owe it to ourselves and to the world to seek out renewable energy sources. If it’s not good for those who land we are utilizing to capture wind energy, lets make it so that it is, and lets also not forget about the winds that blow over Lake Michigan.

Far enough off shore so it wont effect your view.
Looks like 9 miles north of lake share
is our northern boundary with Illinois
Per google maps measurement

I really believe the future sustainability of our nation and our world will be easier if we can cut our many ties with oil and carbon energy. Cutting our cabon foot print can’t be a bad thing. Yes, I will support a carbon tax. Yes, I support a tax break for business, big or small, and homes that utilize renewable energy.

Thanks for thinking about it.


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