By 8/21, time of publication of A Graduate of Crown Point post, this number is my best recollection. I don’t really want to go through the process of looking through old folders or paying a fee to prove. But, I know i’m right.

So, in this analytical world here are my numbers:

Graduated CPHS with a 2.2

Graduated Purdue University 3.6

As a teacher. I know better than to look at numbers alone. However, I know as an adult you have to justify your numbers. So to anyone who is interested in my academic history I would make some general comments.

My numbers went up as my schema increased

I improved consistently as my background knowledge/experiences expanded

I was falsely motivated early in life

I valued education for the wrong reasons

I am intrinsically motivated now

I motivate myself

Currently I want nothing more than to be a good dad, a great husband, and to be a voice for our State moving forward.

Thanks as always for reading.


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