I know

Nobody outside of my wife, and a small smattering of family and friends are paying any real attention to me as a candidate, but I promise you I’m an Independent Candidate for Indiana. Specifically, those in the 5th District as I attempt to replace our retiring representative Congresswoman Susan W. Brooks.

So as far as the 5th Democratic Debate is concerned I didn’t watch it. Had a few other things going on leading up to and following this most recent one. I saw a few clips online, my wife told me that Joe Biden looked lost. She’s right.

Sorry Mr. Biden,

Had it only been four years ago…

Who is the front runner at this point? I don’t think there is one. Still a lot of names, a lot of promises, and a lot of dots to connect. Sadly, it’s only September and I’m kinda on debate overload. Arguing over semantics, miss-remembering, not hearing, interrupting, but on the bright side as far as I can tell no alternative facts. So, comparing these debates to the ones four years ago I still have hope.

But, four years ago I still wasn’t sure if Trump was serious. Honestly, and that was even before the Access Hollywood Tape. After that I didn’t think he had a shot in hell. Not to mention all the other stuff he has said or tweeted about before announcing his candidacy, during his candidacy, and as President. Not to mention any investigations or litigation, be it Federal or at the State level for his behavior as a candidate and as our Commander in Chief. He’s now President.

Shows you what I know about predicting the future.

I’m just asking for anyone in the 5th Congressional District to listen to me. No money. I’ll take any time you can sacrifice between now and November 2020 to give you my thoughts, beliefs, and present myself as a human being trying to leave the world a better place for future generations to enjoy.

I want in on the conversations that move Indiana and America forward.

As always thanks for reading,


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