A nation still at risk

A broken education system is nothing new. My entire life it’s been a talking point for almost all political candidates and elected officials. Be it at the local, state, and national levels. But, nothing has really been done to help. In fact, when you throw in violence I think our children are even more at risk now then in 1983.

I was 4.

Over the last 35 years not much has changed despite efforts misguided and not.

Mass exodus of teachers for other professions for a variety of reasons.

A revolving door of teachers leaving one district for another because of pay discrepancies in neighboring districts.

Townships, towns, cities, states, and the nation are still fighting over funding.

Low test scores.

Failing schools.

Referendums are new.

More testing.

Common Core.

More rigor (Buzzzz).

More accommodations (Buzzz).

Accountability (Buzzzz).

Data points coming out of our ears.

The most violent workplace in America.

It’s where we send our kids half of the days on the calendar. Yet, it seems as if we are all experiencing inertia when it comes to Public Education.

I have to stop hoping this problem will fix itself

How have parents and the adults over multiple generations allowed this to happen?

Most of US have attended and are products of our Public Schools.

If we all have at least some background knowledge, or schema $40K word*, then why is this still an issue? How and why are American students still at risk? Sadly, in some cases, even more at risk.

When is enough is enough? We’ve wasted 35 years. I don’t want to waste anymore. Our children are our most valuable commodity. Lets treat them that way.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. […] I try to explain an asterisk from a previous post. One point I do want to state from the beginning is that we have been priced out of affordable higher education. But who knows what will happen once I get off topic. What was a $40K word is now closer to $200,000K. Inflation I guess. […]


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